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Come From Within
An Online Personalized Grief Recovery Method® Journey with Theresa Pidcock 
The thing about grief is, it doesn't just present itself "one way."

It can sneak in. It can come on strong or roll in like clouds that cover the sun on an otherwise beautiful day.

Depending on who you ask, you're likely to get different explanations on what it is, how it's defined, who has a "right to grieve," or even hear opinions about the circumstances under which someone can or can't grieve!

It's no wonder we can often be left feeling empty, isolated, confused, or exhausted. Not only do we have the initial event that caused the grief or trauma bringing us pain, but often, well-intentioned people offering advice can be even more overwhelming.

As individuals, we walk through this world carrying many burdens.... some are given to us and some we willingly pick up. We get used to their weight and often forget what it felt like to have walked lighter, happier, freer... Sometimes one additional event (trauma/loss) is the one that throws us over, sometimes we just decide enough is enough. That's where I come in.

There are over 40 life events that can produce grief, not just death...

What is Grief?

Two of the definitions we use are from The Grief Recovery Handbook:

  • Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss.
  • Grief is the conflicting feeling caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

What is Unresolved Grief?

Unresolved grief is almost always about things we wish we'd said or done differently, better, or more. It is also about unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations we had for the relationship.

Unresolved grief robs us of choice.

What is Completeness?

Completeness is the result of having delivered those emotional communications that either we never made, or we felt were never heard, or that need to be said again with someone hearing us say them.

Everyone's grief is 100% theirs. How is your life being limited by your grief?

It doesn't have to be that way. You can join the many people over the past 40 years who have found freedom using the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method.

What would it look like for you to begin your healing journey today?

Hello, my name is Theresa
Theresa Pidcock
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

My grief and trauma story started before I had words to describe it, though I wouldn't know it for many years. First, as a young child in the middle of a horrible custody battle that left scars for decades. It was made worse years later as an early teen who once again experienced a broken family, was kicked out of the house, and then became a victim of a sexual assault at the hands of a stranger.

As the years went on, these events became defining pillars of how I would look at the world, how I would make decisions, who I would or wouldn't let into my world, and how I believed I needed to "control" every detail possible to "stay safe"...

The problem with this thinking was that it's flawed, and not only was I suffering from undiagnosed PTSD with Hypervigilance, but I was also carrying unbearable amounts of grief. Loss after loss mounted as my continued traumas did as well. Many at the hands of others, some because of my own decisions... all leading to heartbreak, chaos, loneliness, and overwhelm.

My trauma, grief, and loss were sneaky. They didn't like to play fair. At times, my memories would come and go... I'd remember additional details and be devastated, then unwillingly "forget" to protect myself, only to later get "hit with more information" when I remembered again. At times, I felt paralyzed. Something had to give. I felt so stuck  and heavy.

What I came to learn through decades of failed DIY counseling attempts and temporary band-aids to "feel better", "tough it out" or "let time heal my wounds" was, (among other things), these statements are UNTRUE, myths about grief.

Unresolved grief is almost always about things we wish we'd said or done differently, better, or more.

Unresolved grief is also about unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations we had for relationships.

Unresolved grief robs us of choice.

I was exhausted and had work to do to heal. The freedom that has come from unmasking, finding the source of my grief and trauma, and going through a proven process has brought me unmatched peace, and I wish that for you as well.

The "Come From Within" Grief Package Includes:

We start out with 7 weeks of walking through a proven step-by-step process. The goal of the Grief Recovery Method is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. 

Each week, we will meet online and work 1:1, confidentially, to help you begin your healing journey. 

To further assist you in the process, I am including 3 additional coaching sessions to "hold space" for you as you ask and answer, "Now what?"

In the upcoming sessions, you have the freedom and time with your specialist to talk about the undoubtedly many other issues that will come up, or complete an additional relationship graph.

When it comes to healing your heart, you don't take chances...

Neither do I.
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