BOLD for Girls

Hi, I'm Theresa! I'm so excited you've decided to join me as we begin this exciting adventure and become inspired by BOLD.

Inspired by BOLD is an 8 week program for high school aged girls. Through BOLD, girls build confidence and self esteem, create healthy body image, and establish positive habits that last a lifetime.

Think of what an entire generation of women look like who grew up knowing they mattered, they were valued, and Joy was prioritized.

They eat pleasure and power foods versus counting carbs, calories, and macros.

They move their bodies with love because they know it helps them process emotions and stress. They find something fun instead of creating transactional relationships of disordered eating and body displeasure.

Imagine what it's like to live life undefined by the scale, but rather our happiness, courage, and healthy mindsets.

That's precisely what we are doing in BOLD. Here's what we have in store:

Week One: Media
How energized are you feeling after you spend time on social media? Are you routinely "lifted up" by what you're reading in your daily groups and feeds? Learn how to curate a social media experience that positively affects you and leaves you filled UP, not drained.
Week Two: Joy
Let's talk about stress, so we can get to JOY! Now, more than ever, our girls are experiencing tremendous amounts of stress. Relationship issues with family and friends, gossip, online drama, sports, lost opportunities and so much more! How we react and build resilience is critically important to stop burn out and find ways to intentionally cultivate JOY in our lives!
Week Three: Sweat
When you think about exercise, sweat or movement; what comes to mind? I bet it's not the word "Celebration!". Don't equate exercise with punishment, rather as a gift! Our bodies were made to move! This week we explore how to find joy in movement not transaction!
Week Four: Food
If you really listen to what you hear online about food, you'll likely be confused for the rest of your life! Stop counting calories! It's time to start looking at food as FUEL. We call these: Power or Pleasure foods. No food is off limits when you learn to listen to the wisdom your amazing body ALREADY innately has and is given the opportunity to truly "listen" to... Listen without being numbed out, checked out or told not to trust! This week we learn how to tap into what our body craves as fuel and makes us feel our very BEST!
Week Five: Style
Your clothes send a message to the world. What message are you sending? We dress for ourselves, does your closet reflect this? Do you love getting dressed every day or do you dread it and feel like nothing is working? Style helps you find the happiness and confidence you seek in your closet without breaking the bank!
Week Six: Mindset
When you eavesdrop on your thoughts, what do you hear? Does your "inner mean girl" hold a starring role, front and center? My hunch is if you overheard someone telling a loved one or best friend the same "mean girl" mantras, you would step in and speak up! The thing is, we allow our inner voice to bully us at times without question: You're not good enough! You're not pretty enough! You'll never pass the test or make the team... the list goes on and on and we hardly think twice. In Mindset week, we learn to eavesdrop on our repeat thoughts, disrupt the thought patterns, and replace them with something better!
Week Seven: Voice
How do you own and use your voice? Whether you're 8, 18 or 88, you're never too young or too old to use your voice and take up space! It can look like advocating for yourself or speaking up with kindness. Finding and using your voice will be one of the best gifts you give yourself.
Week Eight: Celebrate You!
We look back and see how our girls have grown! In just a few short months, friendships have been formed, courageous decisions made, new habits practiced, and tons of laughter had! Tonight, we celebrate our courageous BOLD girls!
About BOLD

Developed by a team of coaches, psychologists, and educators- along with input from girls- BOLD is a unique program that leaves a lasting imprint in young women's lives.

The BOLD mission is to help girls feel strong, confident, and powerful. We're creating a generation of young women who are ready to stand tall, use their voices, advocate for themselves, go after their dreams, and make history!

Each week will include a video segment to support learning and feature Master Certified Life Coach and BOLD creator, Susan Hyatt, as she shares her vision. Next, BOLD Facilitator and Certified Life Coach, Theresa Pidcock, will lead live discussions in our weekly group calls to discuss how to implement teachings and answer questions.

Fun weekly challenges and exciting interaction await your BOLD girl!

Your BOLD girl can participate from anywhere in the world as long as she has a strong internet connection.

In addition to the group schedule below, BOLD is also offered in a private, 1:1 coaching format. Please reach out to our team at for more details. See you there! xoxo


New classes starting every month. 

Classes are every Wednesday at 5 pm Central.

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