Work? ✔️

Clean the house? ✔️

Make dinner? ✔️

Take care of the kids? ✔️

But what about YOU?

Maybe you're wondering where you lost control... (or perhaps if you ever had any at all?)

Meanwhile, you try to gauge if those last few minutes of sleep each morning are worth skipping the morning shower in lieu of a baseball hat for the 2nd day in a row. While contemplating that, you remember you forgot 3 things from last night's "to-do" list and start to fantasize about what it's like to live in a one-bedroom penthouse all alone.

It's not that you don't "want" your family anymore… you just wonder what it would be like to hang without the crazy crew for a few breezy days and nights, overlooking the skyline or perhaps on a white sand beach chatting away with your girlfriends and staying up way too late laughing instead of arguing with your littles about who ate the last of the chips or whose turn it is to help with dishes… is it just me? lol

You're tired, stressed out, numb, and running on empty.

It shows up in your patience level, your voice, and the expressions on your face.

You look in the mirror and struggle to recognize the woman looking back at you, or perhaps, you just miss the lighthearted woman you used to be…

Your inner mean girl has a FULL-TIME JOB! She is always there. "You were too short with your kids." "Not loving enough to your partner" "You should care more about what you put into your body" "It's selfish to take time for yourself."

Clutter is stacking up! Piles of papers, school backpacks with ongoing science experiments in them (and I don't mean the kind you turn in), household hot spots, a closet with clothes spanning 6 sizes because you don't trust what will fit at any given time…

There's distance between you and your loved ones because it's hard to explain something you don't quite understand.

I get it! Not long ago, I was there too... and BARE changed my life.

Now I show women, just like you, how it can change theirs as well! 

Hello, I'm Theresa!

As a full-time Entrepreneur, married, mother of 5, and grandmother to two adorable twin boys, I've experienced all sorts of stress and burnout.

I'm talking about the kind of stress that makes you think you're having a heart attack or stroke, or places you in the ER with symptoms that make you pray for good health, rethink all your current "over-commitments" and PROMISE you'll make better choices if you simply "live through" the experience!  Sound familiar?

Question? Why does it take experiences like this to get our attention? For me, I felt trapped. During part of my career, I was a single mother of 4 children who depended on me.

After I was remarried and climbing the Corporate ladder, my husband and I counted on my high income for the family... my high income, several thousand miles per month commute and, 70+ hour work weeks! #nothanks

I knew I had a limited runway for my own peace of mind and that runway was running out FAST! While my mind pushed higher and higher, my body had had ENOUGH!

I began a journey to uncover what I needed. To ask and answer the question, how do I live: Life... as you love it? 

That journey, step by step, moment by moment, has lead to momentous and life-altering changes! I was able to reap the rewards of a JOYFUL life lived where pleasure and prioritization changed EVERYONE'S life for the better! Enter BARE!

What is BARE?

BARE is a 7-week program to Transform Your Body, Get More Energy, Feel Amazing and Become the Bravest, Most Unstoppable Version of You!

BARE is not a weight-loss plan. BARE can enhance every area of your life!

With BARE, you'll find the woman you dream of, the woman you might be "if only you had time," you'll uncover the woman you are deep inside that longs to be honored for who she really is!

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When you sign up for BARE, you are committing to treating your body as your best friend with love, respect, and appreciation.

As you walk your BARE journey, you'll find friends and know you're not alone!

Your entire life will change!

  • Meals become more pleasurable.
  • Your inner voice becomes kinder.
  • You'll find time for self-care you didn't know you had.
  • You'll begin to notice what you've been exposing yourself to with media and your home environment that may not be serving you.
  • You'll even look at your closet with different eyes!

The result?

Less chaos, more energy, and BIG, positive changes for your mind, body, and soul!

BARE is just the beginning of a lifelong practice to discovering an authentic, unmasked, true YOU!

Join us and get BARE!!


New classes starting every quarter. 

Contact us at for more information.

Our weeks include:

Environmental Detox



Attentive Eating

Closet Detox

Mind Detox

Be Seen

*Bonus* Celebrate YOU!

Thank you for joining me on this journey as we discover BARE and learn its life-changing principles. In my experience as a Certified BARE coach and Certified Life Coach, I have seen what  BARE can do and how it can change your life with amazing results. 

Whether I'm coaching an executive, entrepreneur, life coaching, or emotional intelligence client, I have seen how BARE positively influences all aspects of a woman's busy life. This has been life-changing for me and, I know it will be for you too!

BARE is also offered in a private, 1:1 coaching format. Please reach out to our team at for more details.